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Collaborative Divorce

The end of a marriage or relationship can be devastating and often, the process of divorcing only adds to the pain. Divorce may make you feel alone, isolated and unsure of where to turn for answers and support. In addition, you and your spouse or partner may come to see each other as adversaries and the divorce as a battleground. If you have children, the children become casualties of the war between the two people who they love most.

A growing number of parting couples, along with other professionals such as attorneys, mental health professionals and financial specialists, have been seeking a more constructive alternative. The Collaborative Practice model is that alternative. Unlike conventional divorce, Collaborative Practice offers you a team of skilled and compassionate professionals. Each expert in their own fields, the team members help you manage the many aspects of divorce – the legal issues, the emotional turmoil, the concerns for the children and financial and property questions.

Collaborative Practice is an approach to divorce based on three principles:

  1. a pledge not to go to court
  2. an honest exchange of information by both spouses; and
  3. a solution that takes into account the highest priorities of both adults and their children

As mentioned above, the Collaborative Practice model offers a team approach to your divorce, with every members goal being the healthy and positive resolution of the issues. The Collaborative Practice model takes into account the needs of each individual, including the children, and strives to have each party complete the process feeling that they have been heard, have had control of the process, have hope and a plan for the future and have their dignity intact. These are aspects not often met by the legal system in a conventional litigated divorce.

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Integrated Therapy Services NW PLLC is pleased to provide their clients with the following Collaborative Practice team specialists:

Divorce Coach: The divorce coach helps you manage the pain and stress of changing relationships, while focusing on your goals for the present and the future. The divorce coach works with you to make the most of your strengths and assists you in being at your best during the collaborative divorce process.

Child Specialist: Children may suffer most from divorce and be least able to understand or express their feelings. Their world is turned upside-down in ways that they cannot comprehend. Communication with parents may be difficult, if not impossible, due to their concerns about hurting the parents feelings, or because the parent is often not in an emotional place where they can actually hear what his/her child is saying. A goal of Collaborative Practice is to assure that children are a priority, not a casualty. The child specialist is an individual skilled in understanding children. Their job is to meet with your children privately, assisting them in expressing their feelings and concerns about the divorce. The child specialist then communicates the children’s feelings, fears, concerns and hopes to the team to keep in mind when planning for the children’s lives.

Divorce ends a marriage, but need not sever family ties or relationships. Especially when children are involved, lifelong responsibilities remain. The goal of the collaborative team is to help families arrive at an emotionally satisfying ending and a healthy new beginning. By preserving respect and encouraging cooperation, Collaborative Practice helps parents and children keep family bonds while embracing new lives.

If you are interested in exploring the idea of a collaborative divorce, we are willing to help. We can refer you to attorneys in the area who are trained in the Collaborative Practice model and who will keep you and your family’s best interests in mind as they guide you through the legal process.


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