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The Incredible Years

The Incredible Years®

The Incredible Years parenting programs are designed to strengthen parenting skills, prevent and treat behavior problems in children ages 3 - 8 years. The Incredible Years is an Evidence Based training series for parents, teachers and children. ITSNW offers an 18 week parent group on a rotating basis. See the IY Group Schedule at right for more information regarding the cost as well as meeting dates and times. The Incredible Years can also be offered in school settings where teachers trained in The Incredible Years lead groups for children. In some cases Dinosaur School (the Child's Incredible Years program) is available for children to attend while parents attend The Incredible Years adult group.

The Incredible Years training programs give parents and teachers strategies to manage behaviors such as aggressiveness, ongoing tantrums, and acting out behavior such as whining, yelling, hitting and kicking, answering back, and refusing to follow rules. Evidence shows that the programs have turned around the behaviors of up to 80 percent of the children of participating parents. If left unchecked these behaviors would mean those children are at greater risk in adulthood of unemployment, mental health problems, substance abuse, early pregnancy/early fatherhood, criminal offending, multiple arrests and imprisonment, higher rates of domestic violence and shortened life expectancy.

The programs include the following skill components which build upon one another:

  • Child-Directed Play Promotes Positive Relationships
  • Social and Emotion Coaching
  • Strengthening Children's Social Skills, Emotional Regulation and School Readiness Skills
  • The Art of Praise and Encouragement
  • Positive Discipline- Rules and Routines
  • Positive Discipline- Effective Limit Setting
  • Positive Discipline - Handling Misbehavior

The Incredible Years® Schedule

Group begins October 21, 2013

Time: 9:30 am - 11:30 am

Integrated Therapy Services
NW, 6004 Westgate Blvd., Suite 180
Tacoma WA 98406

FREE! (referral from DSHS Social Worker required)

For more information or to register please call Jeanne Purdum at
(253) 460-7248 - ext. 105.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. - Robert Collier

Through using a range of strategies, parents and teachers help children regulate their emotions and improve their social skills so that they can get along better with peers and adults, and do better academically. It can also mean a more enjoyable family life.

The parent class is useful for:

  • All parents with children ages 3 - 8
  • Parents of children with conduct problems and attention deficit disorder
  • Parents at risk for abuse or neglect
  • Foster or adoptive parents
  • Teenagers taking baby-sitting classes or family life courses
  • Family therapists, social workers, child psychologists, teachers, nurses, physicians, Child Protective Service workers, and day care providers

Goals for The Incredible Years® series

The child goals are to: The parent goals are to:

The Incredible Years program was developed by Dr. Carolyn Webster-Stratton who is a Professor and Director of the Parenting Clinic at the University of Washington. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and nurse-practitioner. Over the past 30 years she has conducted numerous randomized control group studies to evaluate the effectiveness of intervention programs for promoting social and emotional competence, school readiness skills and preventing conduct problems in high risk populations. She has developed the Incredible Years Series which include separate training programs, intervention manuals and DVDs for use by trained therapists, teachers and group leaders to promote children’s social competence, emotional regulation and problem solving skills as well as reduce behavior problems. The objectives of these interventions are to help parents and teachers provide young children with a strong emotional, social and academic foundation so as to achieve the longer term goals of reducing the development of depression, school drop out, violence, drug abuse and delinquency in later years.


The Incredible Years®

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